POSITIVE COUNSEL is the career investment successful professionals need to make.
Our Services
Positive Counsel specializes in career coaching, business consulting, and personal branding for attorneys, mediators and arbitrators. We create career and business strategies for a maximized life and teach clients how to bring out their inner rainmaker. We also offer programs in continuing education, business development, and social media to law firms and organizations investing in professional development. At Positive Counsel, we identify and build upon your innate talents so you can step into your full potential! Contact us for your complimentary consultation.
Successful legal careers start a with strategic plan. Jump start your career with our career consulting and coaching services!
Our executive career coaching and personal branding services can help you build and maximize your client base.
By creating a professional development plan, you can thrive at every stage of your career. Learn how here.
Our Mission
As a company, Positive Counsel believes in:
Sharing Knowledge
We generously share our resources, career know-how, and industry expertise.
Exemplary Service
We build relationships to last; our clients become clients for their entire careers.
Strategic Vision
As forward thinkers and early adopters, we help you and your practice stay current and relevant.
We strive to understand and serve the needs of our clients, to listen carefully, and to share wisdom acquired through years in the practice of law.

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