Our Services

Career Consulting +
Executive Coaching

Whether you need a career mentor or a job search strategist, with Positive Counsel by your side, you’ll gain the confidence and advantage you need to succeed and thrive.

Career Consulting.
Positive Counsel can help you find a job more quickly and with considerably less stress. Our guidance ensures a smooth career transition.

Executive Career Coaching.
Executive career coaching can help you grow and develop as an attorney, no matter your level of seniority. We are the mentor you seek and your coach to success.

Business Development + Personal Branding

Seeking to make partner? Want to learn how to bring in business? Then our personal branding and business development coaching is what you need!

Business Development.

We’ll teach you how to market smarter and capitalize on your inherent strengths to devise your business development plan.

Personal Branding.

Branding is an essential component of your business development plan and differentiates you in a saturated legal market.

Professional Development Trainings + Presentations

Positive Counsel offers continuing education, professional development, and business development programs for law firms or organizations seeking trainings for its attorneys.

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