Personal Branding

Through Positive Counsel’s strategic branding process, we’ll do the following:

  • DISCOVER what your brand is NOW: You’ll gain clarity around how do you see yourself vs. how others see you so you’ll learn what your brand is now. Your brand is not what you say it is but how others perceive you. Then through the 360˚Reach Branding assessment, you’ll receive critical feedback from others to help you identify your brand personality and attributes.
  • CREATE the brand YOU want. Once you know how others perceive your brand, you can work on creating the brand YOU want based on your goals, ambitions and business objectives. You’ll be able to enhance your strengths and minimize weaknesses that may be detracting from your brand.
  • LAUNCH your brand. We also guide you in launching your brand though the social media platforms right for you.
  • LIVE your brand. We work together to cultivate a confident presence and image for you so you can focus on building and living your brand.

LEARN MORE about personal branding for attorneys in Marina Feehan’s article. Marina is a 360˚Reach Certified Analyst and the creator of the workshop: “Brand You: Professional Branding for Attorney Success.”

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